Working space – find your peaceful haven

Working space – qualities

Working space should be always separated from other spaces. Clear boundary is needed if you would like to be productive and full of energy. There’s simply no way to work effectively in a  clutter, where things are overflowing and you’re at risk of being swept away. Working space needs to be carefully designated and sheltered from outside influences and activities. It doesn’t really matter if you’re working in huge corporate offices or you’re just thinking of arranging your working area in your home. Condition of limited space needs to be met. What are other irremovable features of working space that make it effective?

Working space needs to be separated but it doesn’t mean it must be kept sterile, in perfect order and organisation. Within your working zone you can do with the available spaces whatever pleases you and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. What’s more, it’s best not to follow blindly all the so called best practices describing in detail proper working area layout and space organisation. Let it flow and live its natural life while your actual work is done. After some time while progressing with your work you can start to notice that your working zone has a life of its own, yet perfectly in line with yours. Natural order formed during the actual working process is what’s best for your effectiveness and satisfaction.

Working space – restful area

Of course, it all doesn’t mean that you should forget about all the practicalities. You don’t want to spoil your health with improper working conditions. Remember to take care of your eyes, back and general body health while choosing working space. Luckily, this should also come to you naturally and if you’re aware of your needs, both physical as well as psychological, you will instinctively make your working space work for you and not against. Final piece of advice refers to fabrics. Fabrics are what give spaces a personal touch. Curtains, tablecloths, floor and wall covers do wonders with spaces and add them a certain glow and warmth.

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