Watercolors in house – modernize your design

Watercolors – ideas for rooms

Watercolors are gaining momentum now. They are becoming more and more popular, especially in UK. What does the term watercolor refer to exactly? What are watercolors? Watercolor painting is the art of painting with diluted colors. Painters use special technique and mix of paints to get this particular watercolor effect – paints look paler than normal colors and a little blurred at the edges. Watercolors can have many applications and can make truly stunning walls. What’s interesting, with watercolors you will never have a uniform paint or pattern. With this particular way of painting it’s simply impossible. What are the sample ideas for rooms?

Let’s start with ideas for a living room. Let’s say that all your walls are plain and have a light shade. All the furniture and appliances are strictly modern and therefore, sleek and unobtrusive. To give your living room a little edge and make it stand out a little consider having a splash of watercolor on one of your walls. Be careful with choosing the right color that can make your room shine. Imagine the final effect, a splash of ocean blue against otherwise white background. Seems really like a good idea. Irregular color can make an interesting effect. In a bathroom or a kitchen you can decide on more regular pattern, choose element that you want to have, like circles of blue repeated all over the walls or crosscutting lines and paint all the walls with it. Keep all the appliances and utensils as simple as possible. White and all its derivatives are a safe choice here.

Watercolors – positive impact

When deciding on watercolors be sure not to overuse them. Watercolors in house can have a powerful effect. Always keep in mind to have a simple background and as little decorations as possible. Watercolors don’t like clutter and too many decorations. When you remember about these simple rules watercolors can effectively modernize your house and give it an edge. Besides, watercolors are a fun way to give your house a touch of artistry and unusual look. If combined with light curtain voiles they can set your house off and draw your guests eyes and attention.

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