Voile curtains – basics

What are voile curtains

Curtains can make a huge difference when it comes to your house design and general appearance. Generally, there are two ways in which you can make your curtains work for you. These are: blending in or standing out. If you’re set on blending in you aim for your curtains to fall into the background, smoothly and naturally. Imagine for example a living room that’s all in browns, there’s brown furniture, brown walls and brown carpet. To have you curtains blend in you need them in similar and nicely corresponding colour scheme, in this case delicate beige is best. Your curtains also need to have proper length and material. If your living room is cosy and warm with heavy cottage farm furniture it’s best to set on heavy weave curtains. That’s blending in, what about standing out?

If your aim is the second strategy, standing out you need to be more careful. After all, it’s really easy to stand out, but to do it in style is a different matter entirely. First of all, you should keep in mind that standing out doesn’t mean you’re using vivid and really bright colours or focus on heavy and easily noticeable embroidery. Standing out needs to be done with a dose of subtlety and delicacy. It needs a point that’s drawing attention but it can’t be overwhelming or intrusive. If you’re new to home design let’s try with something easy to work with – voile curtains. Let’s start with basics, what are they and what are their basic qualities that you can take advantage of?

Voile curtains are most typically made of very soft and smooth fabric that is very light and delicate. Most often they are made from cotton or cotton with some other fabric blended together. Voile curtains are in a way similar to net curtains. They have the same air of delicacy and lightness. They are also very fresh looking. Voile curtains are highly popular in hot climates, where there’s a need to protect from the sun but at the same time to let the air through. Voile curtains are also suitable for other climates, especially during summer seasons. How do they work in home interiors and in what way can you make them stand out?

Voile curtains and design

If you choose voile curtains you can easily make them stand out if you decide to choose colour other than white. You don’t need any intense shade, pale blue can do fine. How does it look in practice? Simply imagine white washed living room, with white wall paint and white furniture furnished with light blue voile curtains with floor length? Can you see the point of making your rooms stand out?

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