Linen curtain voile

Linen curtain voile – welcome the sun

Linen curtain voile – qualities Linen is a remarkable fabric with a set of unique qualities. Of course, its features differ depending on its applications. For example you can have heavy and solid linen tablecloths – where the weave is much more consolidated or light linen curtain voiles where the weave is loose. Generally, linen …

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color schemes

Living room color schemes – be creative

Living room color schemes – ideas Designing and decorating rooms isn’t an easy task. Although, you can always hire a professional designer or agency sometimes it’s good to come up with the idea yourself. Only imagine the effects. After all, it’s your house and you’re the person who knows best what suits you. Don’t be …

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Children’s bedding sets

Children’s bedding sets – make your child happy

Children’s bedding sets – possible types There are many types and patterns of children’s bedding sets. You can find plenty of fabrics to choose from and even more patterns. Children are especially interesting group of customers. Very often they know perfectly what they want and can’t be convinced to have something that they don’t like. …

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Custom curtains

Custom curtains can change your rooms

Customs curtains – why it’s a good idea Custom curtains can be an effective way to coordinate your interiors look and give them a nice touch. Custom curtains are made to measure and therefore can suit your interiors and cover the gaps perfectly. You just need to choose the fabric, style and pattern and the …

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Curtains summer trends

Curtains summer trends – what’s new

Curtains in the summer – is it a good idea Summer is a way ahead and most people want to introduce light into their homes. Hence, a lot of people get rid of curtains and blinds altogether. If only the heat doesn’t bother them everything is fine to keep the windows uncovered. Still, some people …

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Stylish design

Stylish design – few tips

Stylish design – what does it mean Stylish design is a common term. It’s a trendy term used to describe all kind of things, from home interiors to clothes and smaller decorative items. Yet, it’s not easy to tell what exactly it means. It can’t be clearly defined and explained. It can only be described …

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3d bedding

3d bedding – enjoy the third dimension

3d bedding – what is it 3d bedding, as all kinds of 3d things, basically refers to things where pictures look like real life three dimensional things. Like they are taken right out of the real world. 3d beddings are therefore bedding sets with prints making the effect of three dimensional objects. Special technique of …

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Small window curtains

Small window curtains – make them stand out

Small window curtains – is there a wide range Small windows somehow seem to get little attention. This is a very frequent mistake, since small windows if decorated nicely can make a really huge impact. The size doesn’t really matter here. Sometimes this small size can even serve as an advantage. Because it’s not a …

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Industrial patterns

Industrial patterns – a way to go

Industrial patterns – what is trendy Industrial patterns are gaining momentum now. They are becoming more and more popular in all areas of life, but especially in home design. Think for example of old factories building successfully transformed into modern day apartments, where its industrial elements like pipes or metallic constructions are left on purpose …

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Net curtains – refresh your living room

Net curtains – choices Net curtains are semitransparent curtains that are made of specially dedicated fabrics. They can have different shapes and colors or even patterns. Curtains have been popular for quite a long time. Their popularity isn’t diminishing even now, when people tend to follow all the newest solutions, even though there are sometimes …

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