Modern bedroom

Modern bedroom – functionality and cosines

Modern bedroom – possible choices Today everything is about design. Very often there’s no way to avoid this question. How to arrange kitchen to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing, how to design bathroom to keep it all practical, yet make it stand out a little bit or how to change your ordinary bedroom into …

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3d bedding UK

3d bedding UK – what can you find

3d bedding UK – possible patterns When you’re looking for beddings probably you have come across many types of modern day beddings, one of them definitely have to be 3d beddings. If you don’t know yet what 3d beddings are keep on reading the article. 3d beddings generally refer to bedding sets which are made …

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Curtain tracks

Curtain tracks – useful tips

Curtain tracks – possibilities While decorating your house try not to overlook the curtains. They seem like an everyday usual element of house interiors, but they aren’t really so ordinary. If chosen properly they can make a huge difference in the way your house looks. First of all, if you want them to serve as …

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Mildew resistant curtains

Mildew resistant curtains – what you need to know

Mildew – possible danger Curtains aren’t only one of decorative elements of your house. They serve also a lot of practical purposes. Just think of for example thermal backed curtains. Their fabric is specially coated and makes them perfect for insulating your windows. They can keep your rooms warm at all seasons and effectively prevent …

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Window treatments

Window treatments – decorate and protect

Window treatments – possibilities Windows in your homes, flats, workplaces or any other places allow you to see the world and enjoy its beauty. It’s known that people need light and need to have the possibility to look out and see once a while what’s out there. There’s no way to live long and happily …

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Net curtains

Net curtains – refresh your home

Net curtains – properties There is a lot of choices when it comes to curtains and blinds. Although, in some European countries people resign from curtains altogether, most often they are still popular. Moreover, new types of curtains are constantly developing and new ideas come to life. One thing is certain, people still want to …

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Watercolors in house

Watercolors in house – modernize your design

Watercolors – ideas for rooms Watercolors are gaining momentum now. They are becoming more and more popular, especially in UK. What does the term watercolor refer to exactly? What are watercolors? Watercolor painting is the art of painting with diluted colors. Painters use special technique and mix of paints to get this particular watercolor effect …

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Linen curtain voile

Linen curtain voile – welcome the sun

Linen curtain voile – qualities Linen is a remarkable fabric with a set of unique qualities. Of course, its features differ depending on its applications. For example you can have heavy and solid linen tablecloths – where the weave is much more consolidated or light linen curtain voiles where the weave is loose. Generally, linen …

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color schemes

Living room color schemes – be creative

Living room color schemes – ideas Designing and decorating rooms isn’t an easy task. Although, you can always hire a professional designer or agency sometimes it’s good to come up with the idea yourself. Only imagine the effects. After all, it’s your house and you’re the person who knows best what suits you. Don’t be …

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Children’s bedding sets

Children’s bedding sets – make your child happy

Children’s bedding sets – possible types There are many types and patterns of children’s bedding sets. You can find plenty of fabrics to choose from and even more patterns. Children are especially interesting group of customers. Very often they know perfectly what they want and can’t be convinced to have something that they don’t like. …

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