Natural fabrics – embrace the nature

Natural fabrics – are they worth the trouble

fabricsTrends tend to change all the time. Nothing’s really stable – everything seems to be in a constant state of flux. Yet, there are some things that are certain or have certain meanings that can’t be really separated from them. The binary opposition between natural and artificial is such an example. Just think a little on it. The word natural brings to you probably the following set of words or associations: original, genuine, safe, smooth, long lasting, quality, pricey, top. On the other end, the word artificial comes with fake, superficial, cheap, plastic, cheesy.

Although the above mentioned set of associations isn’t true for everyone and can’t be used to serve as an actual point of reference they obviously tell us a little. Let’s consider more specific example – the phrase natural fabrics. What exactly are this type of fabrics? Before we answer this question let’s think what we can get from the most common associations. Natural fabrics to most of people tend to mean something made from natural materials like in case of sofas cord chenille or suede, something that is smooth and gentle to touch yet durable, and finally something that’s exquisite and one of a kind. Natural fabrics are therefore inseparably associated with something that’s unique and beautiful.

What about practical life? Are natural fabrics really so rare and valued? Truth be told, there’s really something in it. Natural fabrics are vary often manufactured in small factories, sometimes they are often handmade. These specific types of manufacturing and processing makes natural fabrics somehow rare, unique and as a result pricey. What’s more, natural fabrics aren’t so easily made and therefore it takes some time to create for example cord chenille high quality sofas. This fact gains additional meaning if you compare it with the fact that artificial fabrics can be produced quickly and efficiently.

Natural fabrics and sofas

In case of sofas it definitely may be a good idea to go with natural fabrics. Of course, you should always be aware that all kinds of materials no matter their type have their own specific limitations and it’s only natural. In case of fabrics such as cord chenille or genuine suede they can be more easily damaged that artificial ones and they also prove to have higher maintenance that for example artificial leather. Although, such traits don’t need to be treated as disadvantages it’s really a good idea to be aware of them. Before any purchase it’s always best to do proper research.

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