Living room color schemes – be creative

Living room color schemes – ideas

Designing and decorating rooms isn’t an easy task. Although, you can always hire a professional designer or agency sometimes it’s good to come up with the idea yourself. Only imagine the effects. After all, it’s your house and you’re the person who knows best what suits you. Don’t be afraid and try to personalize your house and add up a touch of warmth and welcome to your rooms. One of the great ideas to do is to use color schemes throughout the rooms or choosing just one room. The best option here is to choose one room and give this idea a try. If it works fine and you’re satisfied with the effects, you can become bolder and use color scheme going throughout your whole house.

Living room color schemes are really good ideas to start with. The results can be stunning if only you remember to follow a few basic rules. First of all, color scheme means that you choose one dominant color that prevails. Then, this main color is completed with all its different shades of smaller elements. Just imagine a room where the walls are painted for example turquoise blue, they’re vibrant and energizing. To calm the atmosphere a little bit set on flooring that is much paler blue. Finally, place in the middle midday sky blue sofa, as a contrast to pale flooring and brush it all up with few light blue woodwork elements and smaller decorations. Rooms arranged in this way can be really eye-catching and alluring. At the same time they’re above all, your own and can  truly lift up your mood.

Living room color schemes – creative playfulness

Living room color schemes depend on you or your designers. There aren’t any universal rules to follow. Basically, you just need to choose the prevailing color and its shades that you want to use. Different rooms element can have different shades and intensity. There isn’t a rule that says that sofa should always stand out and be of really intensive color. Interestingly, you can also mix textures and see how great effects you can gain in this way. Don’t be afraid of creative playfulness.

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