Linen curtain voile – welcome the sun

Linen curtain voile – qualities

Linen is a remarkable fabric with a set of unique qualities. Of course, its features differ depending on its applications. For example you can have heavy and solid linen tablecloths – where the weave is much more consolidated or light linen curtain voiles where the weave is loose. Generally, linen is known as a very strong fabric (no matter the kind of weave), durable and lightweight. Linen naturally comes in off-white colors but it can be easily dyed into many different shades. Linen feels like a soft fabric, pleasant to touch and to look at.

When it comes to linen curtain voile it most often comes in various shades of white. Linen curtain voile is remarkably soft and delicate (see more here www.) It appears very light and airy. Interestingly, it can be dyed into wide range of colors. However, due to its air of delicacy and close relation with nature it’s best to choose shades of whites or delicate greys. Linen curtain voile can suit all kinds of interiors perfectly if only matched with the rooms’ overall design. To truly use its qualities to the full and create a stunning effect it’s good to remember a few things.

First of all, delicate linen gives your room an air of subtle elegance and fresh energy. It’s remarkably soft hence, it goes well with strongly presented furniture or decorative elements. After all, you don’t want your rooms to loose characteristic traits or become so airy that almost invisible. You need an element that strongly contrasts with the subtlety of linen curtain voile. Secondly, remember that linen curtain voile lets a lot of light into your rooms so be certain that light in house is what you truly want.

Linen curtain voile – enter sun

Linen curtain voile gives your house a lot of light. When setting on white shades you can be certain that curtain voile will introduce a lot of sun. Interestingly, curtain voile covers your windows, so in this way you can have your privacy and atmosphere of intimacy and peacefulness, but since it’s introducing light your house remains bright and inviting. Hence, it’s an interesting combination which creates relaxing space, bright and sunny but with a relevant dose of privacy. Linen curtain voile not only introduces light but gives your interiors the feeling of airy freshness and a touch of subtle elegance.

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