Lace curtains – basic information

Lace curtains – fabric qualities

When it comes to curtains there are many possible choices. You can choose from different types of curtains such as: very light and delicate net or string curtains or slightly thicker curtain voiles or much heavier curtains with double or sometimes even triple weave or finally you can set on custom ready-made curtains. Apart from the type of curtains you can choose from various kinds of fabrics like for example pure cotton, cotton blended with linen, pure line or much heavier fabrics like silk, velvet of faux materials made of blended types of artificial fabrics. Finally, your choose from variety of patterns. Just to name a few there are geometrical or flowery patterns, curtains with motifs from popular cartoons or films, curtains with 3d patterns and many more. Designers’ imagination is the only limit here. One of interesting examples of curtain fabrics is definitely lace. What are lace curtains’ qualities and are they practical in all kinds of interiors?

Lace curtains are made of very sheer kind of fabric. It’s very thin and can be made of silk, linen or even cotton. Their design makes them very delicate and subtle. Their structure allows to diffuse the natural light that comes through the windows. Typically, lace curtains are available in rather bright and neutral colors, there are mostly whites, creams or very light greys. Of course, trends are changing all the time, so more and more shops offer also much more vivid lace colors. They can be dry cleaned or simply washed, here you must be careful because it all depends on their inner structure and qualities. What about practicalities, are lace curtains suitable for all types of interiors?

Lace curtains – practical information

Lace curtains are by nature very light. Hence, they can only serve to diffuse light and not really cover it. It’s really important to keep this in mind. Du to their lightness and delicacy they offer an airy feel and may be seen as romantic. They are perfect for fitting living rooms and creating an aura of warm and slightly mysterious places.

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