Heavy fabric – is it ok for curtains

Heavy fabric – possible choices

There are many possible choices when it comes to curtains. One of them is the fabric. Curtains come in various types, each type has a specific dedicated kind of fabric. What are the most common possibilities here? First of all, let’s think of light and very delicate curtains. Here you can choose from string or net curtains or curtain voiles. Although, there are many differences between them it can be safely said they are basically made of light and thin fabrics such as pure cotton, cotton mixed with linen, lace or even organza. These are the types of light and very delicate curtains fabrics. They are very subtle and thin, hence they can be said to cover your windows only slightly and partially. With these types of curtains a lot of light still comes inside. It’s totally different matter with heavy fabric curtains. What possibilities can you find here and what are the practicalities of given curtain types made of relatively heavy fabric?

Heavy fabric – positive effects

When it comes to heavy fabric there are curtains made of velvet and silk. These kinds of materials are by nature much heavier than pure cotton or linen. Interestingly, they can be successfully used for making various types of curtains, we can have different curtains lengths, shapes and kinds of drape. When you consider velvet you can be sure to have curtains that will drape really well and provide a massive amount of insulation. Velvet is heavy and warm, hence it’s really good when it comes to keeping cold away and keeping warmth inside. Velvet is also a high quality fabric that can give your rooms a touch of fancy elegance and royal air. In case of silk curtains they are also much heavier fabric than linen or organza. Similarly as velvet they drape pretty well. Yet, when it comes to silk curtains that are prone to seriously damaged if they’re exposed to light, hence it’s best to keep them safe from too much sun rays. Another possibility is faux silk which is much more durable. Generally, heavy fabric is said to be much more durable than the light one. Its qualities make it more immune to mildew and much better when it comes to window insulating treatments.

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