Custom curtains can change your rooms

Customs curtains – why it’s a good idea

Custom curtains can be an effective way to coordinate your interiors look and give them a nice touch. Custom curtains are made to measure and therefore can suit your interiors and cover the gaps perfectly. You just need to choose the fabric, style and pattern and the rest will be covered for you. There are many advantages of custom curtains. They can make your rooms look alive and eye-catching.

Custom curtains – 3 ways to make your room stunning

First of all, custom curtains can make your rooms look bigger or smaller. Simply speaking they can effectively change the size of your rooms. The trick here is just to hang them properly and choose proper fabric and pattern. For example if you want your room to look bigger you need to hang your curtains as high as possible and wide. In this way the rooms looks optically larger and the curtains are not overwhelming. It’s also a good idea here to choose light colors and patterns. Think of curtain voile which with its delicacy and subtle elegance can enlarge your rooms.

Second way is an effective way of light control. Curtains by definition keep the light out. The amount of passing light can be effectively controlled by choosing given types of curtains. Nowadays, there is a lot of choices when it comes to curtains. You can have heavy and light blocking curtains or very delicate and subtle curtain voiles or string curtains. Whatever your needs you can introduce more and little light. If your interiors are small and poorly lit it’s good idea to introduce more light and choose string curtains.

Another way your curtains can make your rooms stunning is to use them wisely in complementing your whole design. If your rooms are painted and furnished in rather monotonous way it’s a good idea to choose deeply colored and intense curtains to set the rooms off. Juicy green net curtains against the white washed background can make your rooms stunning and catch the attention of your guests. Finally, subtle white curtain voile can be a nice complement to your colorful room. White touch can calm the buzzing energy and give the room a stylish touch.

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