Contemporary kitchen trends – what’s out there

Contemporary kitchen trends – space arrangement

Trends tend to change all the time. There’s no definite way of telling what will become fashionable and what will be obsolete soon. Of course, you can always try to predict them or make some conclusions out of the recent events, yet they won’t be always 100% true and reliable. Trends are fussy and can easily change over really short periods of time. This concerns all kind of trends from various areas of life. No matter whether these are trends related to fashion, home design, lifestyles or healthy diet – they all change and things that are popular today, tomorrow can become obsolete and out of fashion. What about some examples? Let’s think for a while about kitchen trends. What are contemporary kitchen trends and what can be done with them?

Contemporary kitchen trends are mostly connected with modern day ideas for space organization. Today these trends are: minimalism, simplicity, careful space arrangements, subdued colors, state-of-the-art appliances, lack of useless decorative elements, easiness to navigate and functionality. These contemporary kitchen trends can be exemplified in such things as carefully hidden cabinets, functional drawers for storing (various shapes and volumes), fixtures and pieces of kitchen equipment popping out directly from the walls with the possibility to fold them all away, toned colors of whites, creams or greys, inventive ideas for space arrangement like combination of workspace with dining area, practical curtains that cover the view, yet allow some light and many others.

Contemporary kitchen trends – curtains

Contemporary kitchen trends when it comes to curtains are rather differentiated. It’s because there are so many different curtains types available. Nowadays you can choose, for example from curtains voiles (subtle and delicate fabrics), net curtains, string curtains, heavier curtains with double or even triple weaves. These are only possible types of curtains with regards to materials used. When it comes to patterns and styles it’s totally different matter. For example, 3d patterns for curtains or even beddings is becoming more and more popular.

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