Modern patterns

Modern patterns – which way to go

Modern patterns – what are the choices Patterns change over time. It’s only natural and to be expected. Some patterns over time lose their potency and strength and become useless and old fashioned. Other, seemingly dull patterns, over time tend to accumulate this strength and become important means of expressions. You can easily study the …

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Net curtains

Net curtains – refresh your home

Net curtains – properties There is a lot of choices when it comes to curtains and blinds. Although, in some European countries people resign from curtains altogether, most often they are still popular. Moreover, new types of curtains are constantly developing and new ideas come to life. One thing is certain, people still want to …

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Linen curtain voile

Linen curtain voile – welcome the sun

Linen curtain voile – qualities Linen is a remarkable fabric with a set of unique qualities. Of course, its features differ depending on its applications. For example you can have heavy and solid linen tablecloths – where the weave is much more consolidated or light linen curtain voiles where the weave is loose. Generally, linen …

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Curtains summer trends

Curtains summer trends – what’s new

Curtains in the summer – is it a good idea Summer is a way ahead and most people want to introduce light into their homes. Hence, a lot of people get rid of curtains and blinds altogether. If only the heat doesn’t bother them everything is fine to keep the windows uncovered. Still, some people …

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