Fashionable home

Fashionable home – the most important things

Fashionable home – what’s there Everyone wants to live in a fashionable home. There are many ways you can make your home truly fashionable and attractive. Of course, there aren’t any best practices or solutions fit for all. Everything needs to be customised in order to work perfectly and ready-made solutions aren’t really the best …

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White tablecloth

White tablecloth – possible arrangements

White tablecloth – fabrics There’s plenty of things you can do to change the way your house looks. Apart from things like complete remodelling or partial makeover, you can think of less invasive ways. Consider the following things such as: furniture layout, location of decorative elements, unusual choice of curtains, tablecloths or bed covers. All …

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Working space

Working space – find your peaceful haven

Working space – qualities Working space should be always separated from other spaces. Clear boundary is needed if you would like to be productive and full of energy. There’s simply no way to work effectively in a  clutter, where things are overflowing and you’re at risk of being swept away. Working space needs to be …

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Children duvet covers

Children duvet covers – dreams coming true

Children duvet covers – respect children’s choice Children are known for their fussiness and difficulties in making decisions. At one moment they’re all about red colour and everything simply needs to be red. You have to buy them red clothes, hats, socks, bags and bedding sets. There’s simply no end to red. Then, out of …

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Lace curtains

Lace curtains – basic information

Lace curtains – fabric qualities When it comes to curtains there are many possible choices. You can choose from different types of curtains such as: very light and delicate net or string curtains or slightly thicker curtain voiles or much heavier curtains with double or sometimes even triple weave or finally you can set on …

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Heavy fabric

Heavy fabric – is it ok for curtains

Heavy fabric – possible choices There are many possible choices when it comes to curtains. One of them is the fabric. Curtains come in various types, each type has a specific dedicated kind of fabric. What are the most common possibilities here? First of all, let’s think of light and very delicate curtains. Here you …

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Contemporary kitchen trends

Contemporary kitchen trends – what’s out there

Contemporary kitchen trends – space arrangement Trends tend to change all the time. There’s no definite way of telling what will become fashionable and what will be obsolete soon. Of course, you can always try to predict them or make some conclusions out of the recent events, yet they won’t be always 100% true and …

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Children’s duvet covers

Children’s duvet covers – possible designs

Children’s duvet covers – range When it comes to children bedding sets there are many possibilities. Although, at first sight it may look like there’s little choice, it’s the opposite. Marketers and designers have recognized that children are really interesting market group, with special needs and tastes. Children are quite substantial group, and hence it’s …

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Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle – more than meets the eye

Healthy lifestyle – basics Healthy lifestyle is normally associated with diet and sport. Everyone knows that if you want to keep fit and healthy you need to take proper care of your diet, basically it needs to provide all the necessary vitamins and macro and micro elements together with calories to keep you in a …

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Modern patterns

Modern patterns – which way to go

Modern patterns – what are the choices Patterns change over time. It’s only natural and to be expected. Some patterns over time lose their potency and strength and become useless and old fashioned. Other, seemingly dull patterns, over time tend to accumulate this strength and become important means of expressions. You can easily study the …

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